Luxury Living Room: Making Everyday Life Luxurious

Luxury Living Room: Making Everyday Life Luxurious

Whether it’s the growing trend of working from home or the so-called “staycation” movement that began in 2020, we are all opting to spend more time at home. More and more individuals are making improvements to their houses to make them feel cosy and inviting. It’s becoming common to turn the living room into a Luxury Living Room as it improves comfort and style.

For most families, a majority of the time at home is spent in common areas, especially the living room. A living room today is the lounging area, the entertainment zone, the kids’ play area or homework space, and in many apartments, even doubles up as a dining room.

But it’s also a space for us to greet and host guests, and of course, we want to ensure our home looks its best to visitors. So how can you turn a multi-purpose space like your living room into one that feels more luxurious?

What makes a living room feel luxurious?

Think of a luxurious living room and what do you imagine? A bright room, generously proportioned, offering plenty of space, big glass windows with a great view? Is it stylishly minimalist in colour or does it gleam with beautiful textures and warm golden metal accents?

While we all have our tastes and preferences, some interior design living room features will make the space feel more luxurious. Here are some points to start you off:

Invest in good quality materials with a natural element: Avoid synthetics like plastics or polyesters and choose woods, marbles, leather, or velvet for a plush feel. Try mixing textures to add interest and elegance.

Unique accents and colour palettes: A tone-on-tone pale cream theme can look just as luxurious as jewel-tones, as long as you complement them with tasteful fittings, such as in gold or brass.

Decluttered line of vision: A cluttered space does not look luxurious, so ensure that you have enough hidden storage to keep your surfaces neat.

Use light to create ambience: Introduce as much natural light as possible during the day, and add in gorgeous statement lighting for nights.

A tip from our experts: Adding a luxury false ceiling design for hall

A hallmark of luxury is the thoughtfulness that goes into every detail, or the care that goes into planning how someone experiences the space. This is true with luxury hotels, luxury fashion or beauty products, and luxury living room design.

The ceiling of your living room is an underutilized space that offers so much potential. For most of us, the ceiling is an afterthought during our room décor planning. We usually plan the electric fittings and the colour of paint to be used, but if you consider that the living room ceiling is 1/5 of your living room surface area, you’ll realize how much impact it can have to add a luxury false ceiling design for hall on your décor planning.

All interior design living room experts know that a false ceiling can instantly elevate a space, and can become the centre of attention. Think ceiling art or wallpaper, concealed lighting, ceiling-fitted décor elements. Adding a luxury false ceiling design for hall can be an interesting way to give your home a unique look.

Luxurious living rooms start with careful planning

It doesn’t matter whether you are considering redecorating your existing living room or moving into a new home – if you want a luxurious living room, you have to start with a very thorough assessment of your lifestyle, your family’s preferences, and what changes may take place in the the next 3-5 years. This stage is best done before making any investment in luxury living room design.

When you begin the planning process, don’t forget to include family members in the discussion. What do they envision doing in the living room? Are there any lifestyle or living arrangements that may change in the future? It’s very important that your luxury living room design also accommodates the everyday realities of your family. There is no point in redoing your living room in a design that doesn’t work for your family’s needs.

Luxurious living rooms need luxury living room designs

Now comes the fun part! Once you have a firm idea of the way your living room is currently used and will be used in the future, you can enjoy the design stage. Again, make sure to include all members in this stage. What does their dream living room look like? Some people like to work on mood boards or collect photographs for inspiration, while some choose magazines.

Luxury living room designs usually begin with the colour palette, but like we said above, why not start with a luxury false ceiling design for the hall? If you start from the top down, you will be able to plan a fully coordinated room that blends seamlessly into each element.

The benefits of interior Design Living room experts

When you plan your luxury living room design, it’s important to get it right. You’ll be investing a significant amount of time and funds into the décor and planning – in general, you’d want it to last for 3-4 years before needing a refresh. This means you’d like to make sure that the living room meets the requirements and tastes of the family, and can cater to your lifestyle for the next few years.

This is why it’s a good idea to involve interior design living room specialists at the early stages of planning. Not only will experts help you ideate, reflect, and choose designs that will work, they will also advise you on planning a luxurious living room that will suit your needs for the future.

Adding personal touches and personality to your luxurious living room

While planning a gorgeous luxury living room, you’ll surely consider mirrors, rich metallic fittings and natural textured materials, lighting, elements of plants and greenery, and beautiful furniture that suit your taste and lifestyle. But don’t forget the most important feature of all: the personal touches that turn your house into a home.

Make space during your planning for family photos, special souvenirs from your vacations, or prized collections of books, art, posters, or music. No matter how luxurious your living room is, it will not truly feel like home unless it reflects the lives of those who live in it. By blending these elements in a seamless manner, you’ll create a luxurious living room that delights you for years to come.