20 Simple Living Room Interior Design Ideas

They say home is where the heart is. But if you ask us, home is what you make of it, especially your living room. Because let’s face it, your living room is a window to your world – showing off your personality, dreams, aspirations, and so much more.

So, why not spruce it up a little? We give you 20 simple living room interior décor ideas to help you achieve that.

Meet the FANTASTIC FOUR of the Lighting World

(to your room’s rescue)

Once you look up, you’ll never look back. That’s the charm of picture lights. Because, when you need to make your décor items stand out, you can truly rely on fabulous picture lights to bring them to the limelight.

Now look down, and there it glows. When your corners have something to say, let them bask in the glory of a floor lamp. Thanks to their elongated structure and different designs, they can bring your living interior design ideas to life.

Talk about showstoppers and show-stealers; pendant lights do both. With options galore, pick one that matches your décor and ties every little element together, thus casting an enchanting glow.

A side glance is all that’s needed. One look and you know it’s time to turn the tables with table lamps for your interior design for living room ideas. Illuminate the room or accentuate your décor – table lamps will never disappoint.

Behind every great wall is an even greater story

(Make it worth it!)

Go abstract, because why not? Taking the abstract route can be rewarding. An abstract painting would be perfect as your wall décor for the living room. Just ensure that it matches the color and texture of your room.

Tick tock, tick tock!

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for a fancy clock to adorn your walls. Jazz up your living room walls with a unique piece that complements your living room décor. Time’s ticking, get decorating.

When in doubt, wallpapers to the rescue. Call them mood-changing or trendsetting, they just perk up your space. Subtle design or a bold print – if you ask us, opt for a wall décor for the living room that defines your personality.

Life is too short for boring walls; bring in some playful twists. If you’re a reader, how about adding some prominent book covers? Or better still, movie buffs can showcase their favorite posters or music enthusiasts can hang old records.

Picture-perfect moments seldom happen. So, please make the most of it with framed masterpieces as wall décor for the living room. Whether it’s a family vacation or a childhood memory – put it on the wall for everyone to see.

Spreading happiness, joy, and light, I make your living room décor come alive. Who am I?

Colors are effortlessly expressive. Want to try? Imagine a mustard color accent wall with a navy blue sofa. Whoever said opposite attract was correct. It’s beautiful to see palpable chemistry between two contrasting colors bringing your space to life.

Bold is indeed beautiful. So, if you’re courageous to take that route, be unapologetically bold, we say. Go for tantalizing reds or fuchsia pink that radiate confidence and offer the much-needed pizzazz.

Subtle is sweet, but subtlety can also be sexy. Why not incorporate it into your living interior design ideas to witness the charm? Shades like crisp white, smooth beige, and refined pistachio can have a grounding impact on your space.

If you believe in monochrome supremacy, we trust you made the right choice. Sometimes, a single shade can exude warmth and style and speak volumes about your living room décor.

When nature comes knocking, invite it in. Whether the brownish tree barks, the yellowish-orange sunset, or the blue of the sky – let the serenity of the outdoors reflect in your interior design for living room ideas.

You call it shelves. We call it…Versatile Furniture Brilliance

Because they offer:

Visible elegance, since they come in the form of open and closed units. When you think of living interior design ideas, mixing and matching always works. Open and closed shelves keep your belongings neat whilst offering a visual spectacle.

Fabulous flair, that can only come with floating shelves. Effortless and elegant – these shelves not only offer ample storage but don’t take up much space, giving your room an airy feel and artistic flair.

Built-in style, because great living room interior décor ideas are as much about smartness as they are about style. These shelves behind your sofa can be a great addition to your living room and also a neat way to utilize a dead wall.

Who knew creativity could be so contagious?

(Don’t take our word for it. Keep reading)

Wrap your living room interior décor ideas in the fabric of possibilities. With a mix of textures, patterns, and styles – there’s nothing that fabrics can’t do. But when you believe in the magic of fabrics, it can elevate your living room décor to the next level.

Don’t sweep your living interior design ideas under the carpet. Instead, bring them to life. Thanks to Aladdin, we’ve always known the magic of carpets. It’s about time we used it to our advantage and in our living interior design ideas. Bold patterns, exquisite designs, and seamless textures mean endless possibilities.

There’s no better way to draw the curtains on this topic than by talking about curtains (quite literally). But if you ask us, we advise you to never underestimate the power of beautiful curtains. New patterns, new textures, extraordinary colors, prints – oh yes, curtains can swiftly drape you into their beauty.

In the end, it’s your home. One that you’ll come back to after a long day, every day. So, any living room interior décor ideas should be a reflection of you and your style. Take these simple ideas and convert your living room into a haven that you love spending time in and creating memories.