Wooden Flooring

When it comes to making a lifestyle statement through floors, wooden floorings definitely bring in a panache and that feeling of luxury. Wooden floorings are adjectives personified they add in a sense of warmth, style, richness all together. They have a feeling of inviting you to throw your self casually on to the floor for an informal tete a tete .

While designing your apartment with wooden floors there are principally two approaches one is to simply use them in specific rooms like the master bedroom, a den or any other room which you would like add in the sense of exclusivity. The other is to go all the way and floor the entire apartment in a wooden floor this design approach sets up a strong note in design and would be suggested for someone who really understands and loves the flavour of wood .

While doing a wooden floor through out an apartment and in case its spread out on different floors you may choose to bring in a slight change in the floor pattern on another level, however working with one style of wooden floor is simplistic and feels more fluid as you move from one level to another and reflects a minimal idealogy in design approach.

Wood is one of those materials which flow in with the greatest of ease with all colours and styles in designs. Within one large space avoid breaking a flooring with a wooden floor simply because it breaks down the vastness of a space, if at all this approach needs to be worked with, the space needs to be well defined as a zone within a space like a raised platform.

Wooden floor are available in a few generic formats which you must be aware of before you set off to shop for it – solid wooden floors, engineered wooden floors and laminated wooden floors and parquet wooden floors . The standard sizes of planks 4 to 6 inches and 3 feet length. You also have some brands offering wooden floors in tile format, an exclusive flooring from Armoire gives you plank widths of 1 feet in lengths upto 16 feet.

parquet wooden floorings come in strips in the sizes of 1 inch by approximately 4 to 6 inches and are layed on site in different patterns as desired they bring in a beautifull natural variation in colour on polishing. Wooden floorings have a wide range of polishes to select from. Solid wooden floors also available in subtle surface texture finishes these are available from Armstrong. Laminated wooden floors are paper finishes pressed on a wooden base, these are cost effective but surely loose out on the natural essence of solid wooden floor and naturally tend to be more delicate than solid wood.

For out door decks you get specific deck flooring which have been designed for out door conditions and weather and ac take the lashing of rains too. These have been designed on pvc grid frames to allow the water to floor under on to the sub floor.

Wooden floors require care and I would like to avoid the word high on maintenance as long as the care for it is right they can last you a life time. It requires a shift in cleaning habits use a semi dry mop. Avoid moveable furniture without buffers on their base. Coat the wooden floors with sealants to further protect them from contact with water spills. You can also opt for floors with a titanium coating which is a commercial grade and makes the surface abrasive resistant.

The key to well laid wooden floor is a leveled sub floor insist on your supplier to check the sub floor is to his satisfaction before laying the floor.