Types of Wood

Types of Wood

Think of beautiful scenery, mountains, covered in the foliage of tall thick trees spreading their braches in the air, firmly rooted to the soil and growing tall in to the ever disappearing cosmos. This life giving source has always served mankind in many folds from the very function of sustaining the ecosystem, to bearing food for mankind and the animal kingdom and ironically from basic shelter to the very rich fanciful world of interiors and architecture.

Lumber, wood timber, many names for the same product has always been and continues to be a popular medium in interiors and architecture because of its easy workability, rich finishes, strikingly varied applications from furniture to wall paneling, roofing , flooring.

Some of wood commonly used are Teak, Walnut, Oak, Chest Nut. Mango and Sal wood are used for out door applications. Vengee, Zebrana are few of the woods which give a striking look and are used for highlights .

Apart from its availability in solid sections it is also processed to form veeners which are used as finishes , the natural grains of the species its derived from get high lighted on polishing it.

Depending on the wood you can create different flavours and moods to the interior. contemporary, rich, natural and rustic. Dark wood with warm colour schemes create a contemporary and a cozy ambience Dark wood with neutral earthy colours makes the space look very rich and mature. Light wood with subtle colour scheme gives a very neutral colour scheme building a sober and a majestic look to the place

Wood can be finished in melamine polish and coat it with P.U coat for extra strength and protection you can either enhance the natural colour and grains while polishing or use imported stainers to stain the wood to the colour you desire. The best way for treating wood when used outdoors is oiling it, this maintains the natural oil balance of the wood or seal it with an out door P.U coat.

Wood is also used for flooring world wide. it can be categorized as parquet, hard wood ,engineered wood and laminated wooden flooring. Parquet and hard wood flooring give a very natural look to the floor but they are slightly high on maintenance. Engineered wood is low on maintenance. Laminated flooring are generally used for commercial spaces.

A good way of being environmental conscious is to use wood grown from sustainable development or use recycled old wood, Advantage in using old wood is it is well seasoned and thus the strength is also higher .When using old wood search for a good lot without too many nail marks. In case of new wood make sure its well seasoned or have it seasoned in klins, wet wood will warp after usage owing to the natural shrinkage .

The new age environmental friendly wood is medium density fibre, this can be used in a context where you do not need to high light the natural wood grains. MDF can be finished in solid P.U coats in varied colours, matt and gloss, it can also be silver, gold, chapagne leafed to give a very exclusive look.