Terraces Giving a New Look

In a fast moving concrete jungle city like Bombay an open space is a huge asset, which one can have. A few have the privilege to have a personal terrace attached to their apartment. It could also be an it would be an interesting idea to convert our roof tops into spaces of interaction an area to lounge and enjoy the fresh air and the view of the sky and the city and the sea front in a few cases. A well designed terrace creates a perfect ambience to unwind and relax after the days work, or an evening cup of coffee or even a stroll.

Plan the terrace in such a way that there is enough comfortable seating using loungers, bucket chairs and deep seating to chill out and for interaction. A shallow water body and the soothing sound of water cascade will help in setting up a perfect mood for relaxation. Bring in the green using planters, potted trees is very imp as it makes you feel close to nature. Artificial lawn could also do the magic. If possible let your parapet walls be of a glass or slatted composite wood railing so that it gives way to the view. The flooring could be a combination of stone/tiles and outdoor wooden deck flooring. Throw in some outdoor accessories to lend character to the space. Plan for a buffet counter, bar and a barbeque as the space permits. Lighting plays a very vital role and can spell magic in the evenings. Design the lighting to add soft light at the floor level and some close to the seating at face level. Camouflage the building services with contemporary screens.

The next time you long to catch up fresh air in the Citiy’s most happening roof top restaurants think again.

Precautions – Check the structural stability of the terrace. Do not tamper with the water proofing of the terrace. Use chemical adhesives to lay a stone or tile. Check all storm water drain points and keep them free. In case of adding any shallow water bodies check if the dead weight is permissible for the slab design. Use light weight out door furniture. For creating wood finish surfaces or decks use synthetic polymer based wood. All glass railings should be toughened and laminated. Design in mind keeping child safety always. Keep all services accessible and free for maintenance.

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