Styling Your Home With Rugs

Rugs are very important in styling any space and help in building the character and flavour of the place. Rugs can also be used to separate and distinguish areas in a room. This is useful for efficient use of space, use only rugs that you feel comfortable about.

When selecting rugs, the size of the rug should depend on the effect you are aiming for. For instance rugs are useful as focusing agents, accenting a table, a sofa, or a bed, placed on top of them. Rugs themselves can be used as focal points without any furniture on them. This kind of highlighting can be done in almost any room in your house.

A larger rug will unite the items placed on it into a unit, while smaller rugs can be used to break the room into several sections. Colors and patterns of the rugs should also be taken into account in this regard. Using rugs with similar colors and patterns will make them blend in with the room, while contrasting colors will help divide the room.

Placing rugs on their own without any furniture also adds color to that room and that space. You can make the room look larger or smaller according to your wish by choosing complementing or contrasting colors for the rugs in comparison to the room’s color scheme. Effect by placing different rugs against each other and against room’s general decor. Generally lighter colors and patterns create a more spacious feeling, while heavier and darker colors create a warm coziness.

By using differently shaped rugs and rugs with fringes, you can give your rooms a certain decorative fair and make them less formal.

Similarly rugs can be used for defining space in a room. By placing two chairs, a sofa, and a small table, on a rug you can demarcate a sitting area easily. If the rug is not large enough place only the front legs of the chairs on the rug, however to get the best decorative effect you should place the furniture completely on the rug.

In the dining room, rug should be large enough to cover the feet of the chairs when they are being used by a person sitting at the table. Before buying you should get accurate measurements to ensure this. Keep the other furniture in the dining room off the rug to get a nice effect.

In the bedrooms you can use a large rug under the bed to highlight it. You can also use a smaller rugs and place them around the bed.

Rugs placed on the hallways and at the entrance will create the tone for the rest of your house decor. They should also make the guests feel welcome to the house. So you must choose those rugs with care.

Rugs of various sizes, patterns, and colors, are available required.You can also customize the size of the rug to your requirement especially when you want a larger rug.

Smaller rugs are easily available in a variety of colours and textures.