STONES, here and there

An Indulgence With Stone –

It is fascinating to see new materials and finishes for interiors and architectural finishes being introduced in the industry. Despite of this gamut of exploration one material which has been explored since the good old times and till date continues to be most designers favourite are stones.

They are available in a varied range of colours, surface textures, sizes, and lustre. It is because of this diversity coupled with its strength and longevity that stone has been used extensively in interiors, architecture and landscaping.

Stones can be used to suit any style in design from contemporary, chic, to earthy rustic and even a rich flavour. Slates, limestones, sand blasted granites lend a subtle contemporary flavour.

Interestingly the same stone can be given different surface finishes using a variety of techniques to lend it a totally different look and feel.

To add textural character to a surface the stone can be hammered or chiseled. For a very subtle semi polished look use a stone which is sand blasted, acid finished or river finished.

A polished slate, brown kota when used with minimally styled furniture builds up a strikingly contemporary décor. While Jaisalmer eta gold used with old world wooden furniture can lend the space a warm, earthy charm. For creating a rich tone a marble is the apt stone. You can accent a wall too by cladding it in stone, an interesting way of treating the surface is to use to the stone in contemporary pattern using laser cutting technologies. Depending on the scale that you choose to build in a space use the stone in either large slab formats or to bring in detailing use it smaller sizes.

Precautions –

It is important to seal stones to make them impervious and stain free. Marbles or any soft stone should be laid using white cement. During the process of work the surface should be well protected to avoid stains. Marble batches should be carefully selected to avoid cracks.

Some of the stores to pick stone from are art deco, stone source, Bhartiya. For marbles you can try classic marble, stone man, and elegant marble.

Depending on the design style you can select the stone for a natural, contemporary, chic look you could opt for polished mint, kota, Shahabad, Jaisalmer, eta gold, dessert stone, even slates, or imported limestones. If you are up for an earthy rustic look used unpolished Shahabad, Kota, granite, slates, multicoured bhura, dholpur and many more. Marbles add a rich, elegant feel to the space. Semiprecious stones like lapif, tiger eye, malachite, add a touch of exclusivity.

There are a variety of stones and depending on the flavour you want for the place.