Penthouse Apartment Designs in India

Imagine an apartment with a luxury living room, swanky penthouse interior design, and the latest smart home technology – in the middle of a bustling city. This is a dream home for people looking for luxurious living in a city with limited real estate. 

With the growth of India’s economy over the last couple of decades, there has been a rising demand for penthouse apartments. The luxurious house interior possibilities and the sense of space and sanctuary it provides make it a coveted choice for customers.
There are several factors to remember when planning a luxurious home interior for your penthouse. Let’s take a look at some of them, and understand the many considerations. 

Luxurious house interior ideas for India

Residential Luxury Home Interior Design

In India, penthouses usually follow a practical layout, depending on the size and preferences of the family who will live in it. For example, a large joint family may choose to optimize their space by installing multiple kitchens on different floors or having separate living rooms. A nuclear family may prefer to invest in creating a large, luxury living room as the family will spend most of its time here. 

Many families choose to designate one room for their religious requirements, for prayer or meditation. Those with a large retinue of staff will have separate access and facilities, or even living quarters for their live-in staff. In addition, most customers looking for luxurious living will want an outdoor space, either in the form of a large balcony or terrace. Most families today will choose to have some form of smart home technology embedded into their luxury living room or bedroom. 

No matter what your family requires, a penthouse offers plenty of options to accommodate varying lifestyles or different generations living in one home. But while space constraints are a crucial part of planning your dream penthouse, there is more to keep in mind too. 

Designing your penthouse for today and tomorrow

Luxury Pent House Design

When you plan your penthouse interiors, you should keep in mind that the conditions or choices you make today may change tomorrow. Take some time to consider the next five to ten years: Will you need more storage? Will children leave the home to study abroad? Will older parents or relatives move in with you? Do you foresee working from home more? Will you host more and require a luxury living room? Do you want to set aside a hobby space? 

You do not have to do this alone. Your architects will guide you and your family through a thoughtfully structured discussion so that you can cover all the possibilities and arrive at the perfect design for your home

What you need to know about penthouse interior design

When designing the penthouse interior, there are several factors to consider. The architectural layout is the first step and should be done by experts. This is an important stage and many crucial decisions are taken here. 

For example, during the architectural planning stage, our experts at Ashley’s will walk you through floor plans, help you decide on how to maximize floor space and storage, explain how they can bring in more natural light or ventilation, and ensure that the final home abides by rules of Vastu, Feng Shui, or any code system that is important to the family. 

After that, it is time to consider the luxurious house interior choices that will make the penthouse feel like home. This involves choosing color schemes, lighting, custom-built furniture, and planning materials such as marble, wood, wall finishes, bathroom fittings, etc.

Building a smart home in a penthouse interior

In today’s digitally connected world, most penthouse interior designs also include smart home planning. At this stage, the experts at Ashley’s will provide their advice on designing a smart home that fits into your lifestyle. 

For example, you may want to install smart home technology such as connected lighting, security, and climate control. There is a wide variety of electronics and gadgets available in India today to take care of practical requirements like security and convenience, as well as add interest, luxury, and fun.

Creating a voice-controlled smart home with smart home technology

As well as controlling your lights, security, speakers, and electronics through an app on your mobile phone, it is now possible to add voice-controlled commands in a smart home. Using devices like Apple’s Alexa or Google’s Siri, amongst others, you can create personalized settings that change lighting and music depending on the occasion or time of day. For instance, you can dim your lighting and play soft ambient music in the evenings to relax. 

Bringing Nature into Your Penthouse Interior

Most people feel that it’s not luxurious living if you can’t enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. Some people prefer to use panoramic windows to bring in light and ventilation and give them views of the skies and the changing cityscape. Some prefer using water elements such as fountains in their décor, for the soothing sound. But most people in cities retain their connection to nature via a garden or plants. 

Aside from adding a green element to your penthouse interior, a garden can be a wonderful place to refresh and recharge after a long day. A garden can be as large as a spacious terrace garden, or as small as a window planter filled with flowers. Many penthouse owners like to add arrangements of potted plants throughout their homes to provide a pop of green that complements their décor. 

Combining luxurious living with sustainable designs

Your penthouse interior can be luxurious as well as environment-friendly. Architects in India have created some wonderful examples of combining sustainable elements into luxurious house interiors. For example, we see more and more customers opting for solar panels or rain-harvesting features, with no change in the look of their homes. Many owners also use fittings that consume lower amounts of electricity or water or choose natural and locally sourced materials for their interiors. 

When it comes to designing penthouse interiors in India, there are many options that your family can choose from. Luxurious living is about more than rich designs and premium materials; it’s about building a space that caters to the dreams and wishes of every member of the family and provides you with a space that you look forward to coming home to. At the end of the day, Ashleys wants you to feel proud of your new home, and comfortable and happy to live in it.