Modes of Lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any design. Lighting sets up the mood and the ambience of a space. Any good design will reflect a well thought lighting design.

Lighting must be planed and designed at the initial stages after the floor and furniture layout are frozen. It is important to decide your walls to be highlighted by using wall papers, surface textures in various materials. Plan out the space for your art and artefacts. The advantage of looking into the finer details is the lighting can be planed to accentuate these elements.

There are three modes of lighting in any space

1) ambient lighting
2) Accent lighting
3) Scenic lighting
4) Decorative lighting

1) mbient lighting – Ambient is used for general use and refers to the quality of light. Ambient lighting can be designed by using a) diffused lighting b) direct lighting For creating a striking balance use a mix of diffused and direct lighting .

  • Diffused lighting, renders a soft atmosphere creating little shawdos. For designing diffused lighting use coves in either the ceiling which wash the wall or coves in a tray which wash the ceiling and bounce back soft light.
  • Direct lighting, creates a high- contrast interplay of light and dark.

2) Accent lighting – Accent lighting is used for highlighting an elements of design or art.. Exciting and theatrical effect can be created depending on the type of a fixture used. For example you can light a piece of art without light spilling over the wall at all , or a furniture can be high lighted enigmatically by simply flooding it and not even seeing the light fall on it and may be u want to wash a complete wall with just one small fixture it can all be done with imported fixtures available in India at stores selling lifestyle lighting fixtures.

3) Scenic lighting – Scenic lighting refers to lighting put together for creating different moods. Using lighting automation systems is the ideal way of creating scenes, cause it simplifies lighting at a single button selection remotely operated which may control a group of lights and even a mix of three modes of lighting.

4) Decorative lighting – Decorative lighting work as down lighters or can even give diffused lighting depending on the design of the fixture. The primary object of decorative lights is not just lighting but to add in that panache to the décor of a place. Depending on the design flavour of the place choose a minimal fixture for a contemporary look or bring in a fusion using a chandelier or an eclectic design fitting. Decorative lights are in wide range, style, colours, materials and off course not to forget a wide spectrum of budgets from a few thousands to lakhs.

Vital points to look into

1) Use technical down lights which are anti glare. In these fixtures only the effect of light is seen almost magically and not the source.
2) For ambient lighting use a day light source to obtain natural light luminescence
3) If the design has predominant highlights of white tones use white light source
4) Budget for your lighting from before
5) Invest in good quality led fixtures, they are power saving and last longer