Mirrors have been an integral part of interiors not only in the form of primary functional requirements but also in large ways to add to the sense of aesthetic of a space. Although a very simple material but it has to be used strategically to build up the look of the space.

The intrinsic property of reflection in a mirror has to be explored very carefully as it captures and doubles up everything that it sees, so it would either pick up fine sensibility and magnify it or even the clutter and things one would not want to see it will glorify taking away the charm from the decor. Before using a mirror understand the space around it in every detailed sense the colour of the walls, the furniture, lights, artefacts, unwanted objects like electronics and imagine it to be mirrored so that it will help you to decide the positioning of a mirror.

In a haste of the idea that mirrors create an illusion of a large space quite often the surrounding context its used in is missed out and you will find that the space is looking more cluttered than minimal because of the lapse of careful thought. Its like a camera you need to capture the perfect frame the perfect picture that’s when it will add value.

Lets look at a few design ideas where mirror clad wall could be explored to strongly enhance the sense of decor. You can clad the wall along a staircase winding through a tight space specially if it’s a cantilevered staircase the sleek cantilevered steps double up, also play with your lighting very carefully here so that the source of light is not picked up in the mirror, for example if you have run an led strip below the steps which have not been detailed finely, you will see suddenly see the long strips in the mirror though not seen in the actual staircase this can look very tacky.

Another place to play around with a mirror would be along the width of a furniture piece like a console so that the length of it gets magnified adding interest and an illusion of space. If you have planed for tranquil elements like a water sheet it could play up very well in a reflection and create an awesome frame.

Mirrors don’t have to be necessarily used on walls you can used them to detail one of a piece of furniture, it adds a sense of sudden richness and at the same time a sense of absence which adds a feeling of lightness to the space. Mirror can also be used in form of contemporary wall murals. A free standing mirror adds in interest to a space.

Mirror in the bathrooms are basic need but these can be worked around to bring in great value to the space. One way of doing it is to have full height mirrors from which the counters seem to emerge. Incase you opt for an idea to frame it you could explore various materials like wood, stainless steel stone or even mirror itself. The size of the mirror needs to be worked carefully so that it looks proportionate.

Push it one notch higher and if you have a space not used very often and is styled extremely minimal with a stark look mirror up all the walls.