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Wood is just a medium like an artist uses paints to express thoughts and art. Wood can be most beautifully be crafted in a variety of ways to create different expressions of thoughts. Owing to this fluidity combined with ease of workability, availability of wide range of colours and strength wood has sustained a long journey in architecture and interiors from colonial period to modernism. You certainly cannot beat natural wood in interiors if you are looking for warmth, unique character, charm and permanence.

While designing with wood you need to be clear whether you want a predominant wooden flavour or you want to use wood to accent your decor. Predominant wooden interiors can look stunning but is tricky and has to be very carefully detailed to obtain a minimal style or it will just land up looking to heavy. Depending on the type of wood texture and colour and the detailing you can bring in the desired look whether contemporary, natural, classical or rustic. There are a wide range of colours available depending on the species of timber you use, you can use strainers to bring any desired colour .While polishing wood it is important to bring out the natural veins that’s the highlight of any wood finish.

Solid wood can be detailed to create some of the most exquisite contemporary textures either to be used for a wall panel or in furniture. Solid wood can be combined with various metals or precious stones as an inlay in its surface to create some striking designs. In one of our projects, Weekend Homes you can explore the idea of timber roofs depending on the detailing to it can be made to look contemporary or country style. Using wider section of wood in door frames wooden ledges yields a lot of boldness and strength in design to a space.

Wood is been factory finished forming wooden floors. You can either have a whole space in a
wooden flooror use it to break a stone floor in a certain room or area. While using wooden flooring in the entire house you can break the monotony of the wood by using rugs.

Defects like cracks, decay or a knot will decrease the strength of the timber. Impregnating the wood with certain preservatives will increase longevity. Chemical treatments are available to apply to timber providing added fire resistances as well as specialised fire resistant paint products. To avoid warping use old teak wood and ideally kiln dried wood.

Wood is not only available in the form of timber but has been engineered and processed to form plywood, MDF veneers. Plywood is used most commonly to create the skeleton of all furniture, veneer are slices of wood used as finishing skin to the skeleton, MDF or medium density fiber has the highest degree of level percussion and is very soft this is most apt to use to create surface textures or cut work detail as it can be easily worked on by laser machines available in form of sheets. In areas where you want to use wood only for it’s workability but do not want to expose the finish of wood you could use MDF which is a processed form of wood and had high degree of level precision.

If you don’t want to use a lot of wood in the interiors you can even style a space with wooden accessories or sculptures.