GLASS is just a wall you can see through

Glass though one of the most elemental materials in interiors, the beauty and elegance of the material can’t be ignored. There is a whole space where glass has been explored to add a chic sense of aesthetics in interiors. It is the sheer thickness, reflective and transparent nature of the material which brings in a feeling of seamlessness in interiors.

With technology glass can be tempered to increase its strength to unimaginable proportions of safety. Double glazed glass is used for sound and heat insulation.

The use of glass can change the entire look and feel of the space. Designing transparent glass partitions between spaces will make the place look very large as one space flows into another fluidly adding volume to the space. To add privacy you can use can add automated or manual roman blinds.

A total antithesis to the idea that glass partitions are used only to open up spaces glass can also be used to create private spaces depending on the way its treated.

Even separating a space with opaque glass either by treating it or using films available in a range of colours, adds a sense of lightness to the space owing to the sheer reflective nature and thickness of glass.

Similarly mirrors can be used to reflect and visually enlarge a space , however one need to be critical while taking this approach and give the space around a thought as its going to capture the story you have built around it and replicate the décor. Mirror is an effective tool but needs to be used with keen design sensibilities and not loosely.

Glass can be aesthetically treated in various ways a few of them are frosting, back painting, etching, acid treatments, sand blasting and coloured films for post production application.

Back painted glass or frosted glass for wardrobes make the wardrobes almost a “not there” appeal. Use of glass changes the vocabulary of the space it makes it very contemporary and minimal. It brings in a much understated style to the décor. White back painted glass can in bathroom with a dash of bright colour make it look contemporary and large as it subdues the presence of wall and makes the space look monolithic.

If you are If you are designing a farmhouse or a bungalow enhance the indoor out door equation by designing large fenestrations opening onto decks and courtyards. Infact the bathrooms can also be designed to look on to private courtyards.

The tile industry has explored glass to its optimum scope. There are a range of glass tiles available in the form of mosaics and smaller tile sizes. Bathrooms can be totally designed in glass tiles. High end wall décor glass mosaics from brands like Sicis can be used for highlighting walls and even for some spaces on the floor for a carpeted feel.

Frameless glass railings from Dural add that much needed oomph to design specially when seeking for an unobstructed view.