Furnishing is the last aspect of designing the interiors of an apartment yet it forms a very important part of design and adds immensely to the look of the place. Two basic principals of working around the furnishing is either to work along neutral scheme and let the colour of the rest of decor show or work with colours from a complimentary or contrasting palette to further enhance the mood and the colour scheme of the decor. The interesting thing about furnishing is, it is an element in interior design which can be changed often thus being able to style the space differently and keeping the decor fresh . Depending on choice of the user you can furnish each of the rooms on a different mood. A deep mood is a fast picking up trend of the season however you can play around with bright, fresh or a warm look.

Apart from bringing in colours it also adds textures through the textiles you select. Silk , cotton, leather are some of the textiles you can explore with. Fabric based furnishing are preferable in areas of hot and humid climates. There is also a wide range available in synthetic leather which are breathable and comfortable to use. Leather is one option that cannot be overlooked when considering custom furnishings. Leather furnishings are a personification of leisure and luxury and greatly add to the overall beauty of any room.

In the living room accent your seating with throw cushions. The window furnishing can be designed in different styles like roman blinds, rollups and curtains. Curtains can be draped in different ways the most preferred style is the American Pleats. While draping your curtains, design for them to be draped from the ceiling height this adds in scale and the flow due to the length of the fabric adds lot of elegance. For your windows use a shear and a curtain, the shears are translucent in weave and allow light to partially flow on to a space. The curtains are used for privacy. For areas like the home theater or even in bedrooms you can use a third layer in the form of sunblocks to cut off the light totally.

A contemporary rug can do wonders for your room and serve many purposes. Contemporary rugs can change the entire look of the room. The colors of the rug can be made to match with the other furniture in the room to complete a look that you may have created. Alternatively, you could make the contemporary area rug the center of attraction and work around it. But whatever you choose to do with it, a designer rug is definitely the one piece of home furnishing that every home should have.

In the bedrooms a range of bed furnishings comprising of attractive throws, designer bed covers, quilts can be used to dress the bed. Layer the bed with with shams and throw cushion to build in a sense of luxury.