Flooring is a very large canvas in any space it can be said that it’s the base which holds the rest of the decor together. Before you begin to detail the furniture and walls you need to envisage the overall look of the house and select your flooring accordingly. A story board of materials is an effective and simple tool to visualize the overall scheme of design.

There are certain basic rules. For example, the choice for flooring material depends on your home location too. If your house is located in an area with high humidity and moisture, then it is best to choose flooring material as like stone, marble, granite or tile because it doesn’t rot and will not absorb water. For those who live in colder climates, it may be a good idea to use carpet and wooden flooring.

Using a single floor material in the entire house binds the space together also not only does it bring in a sense of largeness but also each space flows into another seamlessly. In case you choose to break the flooring in some rooms, using wooden floor is a good design approach as it blends well with most other materials like stone, marble and tiles. Wooden floors are also available in planks which are as long as 16 feet and a foot wide this is an exclusive range from Armoire. Carpets also form a good synergy with other flooring materials so one of the rooms could be designed with a wall to wall carpet.

If your apartment has the luxury of a terrace attached to it, continuing the same flooring material as the rest of the space brings in a very minimally styled flavour. For adding in a different tone to it you can work with natural stones our out door wooden deck floorings.

The colour of the floor needs to carefully picked, its almost like deciding the colour of the canvas before you start throwing in the rest of the colours and in the same context it should be subtle so that its not in the face and loud. For a warmer look work with floors in the colour palettes of brown and beige. Floors in the shades of grey bring in a deeper mood. A white flooring looks very elegant and light.

The world of floor tiles has seen radical change over a period of years and now there is a lot one can choose from a range of tiles also available in large formats. Always look out for rectified tiles so that the flooring looks joint less. Like tiles you also have composite marbles available in large slab sizes, since its synthetic its uniform in quality and lesser on maintenance in the long run though it always misses out on the natural variation of a marble.

Another material that can be explored is glass mosaics from brands like Sicis or Palladio, this can give your space a carpet feel with a wide range of patterns available in contemporary and traditional pattern. Since it’s a bold approach you could work around with it in defined areas.

Vital Care for flooring –

Seal your marble and stone floors
On wooden floor use furniture with buffers on the legs. Don’t wet mop it
Lay Marbles with white cement.
Seal your stone floors layered with protective plastic and gypsum sheet.