Essential interior design services to consider

Does planning your home décor feel like a never-ending To-Do list? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of revamping your home? Do you find yourself unable to decide between all the options available for changing the look of your home?

We hear you it can be a complex and tiring process to renovate your home. From packing or moving to cleaning and protecting furniture or electronics to managing the disruptions to your family’s daily routine, it can be exhausting. In addition to those responsibilities, planning the interiors of your home is a mammoth task that seems to go on and on. But that’s one area that can be delegated easily to experts.

Why you should consider hiring interior design services

An interior designer has acquired the educational and professional certifications to plan and manage large projects from independent homes or apartments to large commercial or residential buildings. They are trained to consider a project from multiple angles: safety, practicality, aesthetic design, and cost.

This means that you can safely bring in an interior designer to oversee the project from end to end, knowing that you don’t have to do it all or know it all.

Who should choose interior design services?

If you are planning to renovate your home, an interior designer can help you optimize your space and budget to get the best possible outcome. Whether you want more storage, larger or more open living spaces, a more modern kitchen or revamped bathrooms, an interior designer can advise you on the home styling services and structural changes or modifications that can do this.

If you’re investing in a new home, an interior designer can help you turn it into a dream home that is just right for you and your family. If you’re considering redoing specific rooms in your home, an interior designer can ensure that the potential of the space is maximized, and give it a cohesive, completed look that you will love.

What kind of home interior design services are available?

Home interior design services cover a wide range of tasks:

Consultation and concept development: This is the first stage of planning, in which the client interior design specialist meets the client to understand their preferences and requirements. Based on these meetings, the interior designer will come back with a colour schemes, style proposals, and time and budget estimates. At this point, they will create a 3D interior design plan that helps you envision the final look of the project and make any changes that you might like.

Space planning: It is important for an interior designer and a priority for every client to optimize the flow and function of your room, and ensure efficient use of its available area. The designer will take detailed measurements and plan the layout, storage, placement of furniture, and offer suggestions to optimize the space.

Furniture, lights, and fittings selection: The expert will offer guidance on choosing the right furniture and plan the lighting design for ambient, task, and accent lights. This role may be performed by an interior designer or a home stylist.

Material and colour selection: Once the plans have been approved, the interior designer will guide you through home styling services, choosing the right materials for cabinets, flooring, wall finish, counters, etc, to match the designs you agreed upon.

Project management: One of the greatest value-adds of an interior designer is that they will supervise your entire project from end-to-end. This includes ideating and finalizing the design, coordinating with vendors and suppliers, and ensuring the timely completion of the project, within an agreed budget.

What is 3D interior design, and do I need it?

3D interior design is used by all interior designers today. After the initial meetings to understand the client’s requirements, the interior designer will render the plan in 3D, so that they can offer a realistic visualization of the designs. While a specialist is trained to visualize the project easily, the client may not be able to do so. A 3D representation helps you see the structural changes that you have planned, the home styling services that you might want, and the accessories that you might need to invest in. Having a 3D interior design representation of the designs helps envision the finished look and make changes before any work begins.

Is home styling services the same as home interior design?

The two are related, but quite different. Home styling focuses on the décor and final look of the project. Its purpose is to create a cohesive, aesthetic look without requiring any major structural changes. This may include accessory styling to add interest and personality to your interiors, rearranging furniture, changing upholstery or home fabrics, and planning art or décor items to support the chosen theme. A home stylist must know good design, must understand mixing and matching colours and textures to create a mood, must be familiar with new trends in home décor, and must know the latest techniques in home styling services, but does not require formal architectural or technical qualifications.

Interior design, on the other hand, encompasses structural and decorative elements. It includes both the functional and aesthetic aspects of a space, and may involve structural changes, planning of efficient space usage, and offering guidance on lighting, materials and finishes, etc. An interior designer will manage floor plans and 3D rendering, coordinate with architects and contractors, select finishes or materials, design custom furniture, and ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. An interior designer requires formal training and certification in design principles, architectural knowledge, and technical skills.

A home interior designer usually includes home styling in their offerings, but a home stylist cannot do the more technical aspects of interior design.

I enjoy doing my own home design. Do I still need home interior design services?

As a client, you can work as closely as you like with the interior designer on planning and choosing your home interiors. An interior designer knows and expects that the client will be involved, so you can view it as doing your own home design, with the guidance of a professional.

Alternatively, if you prefer to delegate the task and focus on other concerns, you can communicate your preferences, budget, and timelines and leave it to the interior designer to complete the project.

Taking advantage of the services of a home interior designer gives you the confidence and assurance that someone is managing the safety and technical considerations that you aren’t trained to do. You can comfortably leave this to them, while enjoy the most fun tasks of planning your dream home.