Can Minimalism be Chic and Earthy?

Simple is beautiful. A clean and spacious decor setting can look absolutely gorgeous and welcoming. While a minimalist home primarily refers to a home that does not have a very cluttered space, clean lines and an effortless style, it can always have a personality of its own.

But sometimes keeping your space too minimalist can lend a cold look. When you infuse an earthy touch, it enliven the ambiance of your home. You do not require to shift into a cabin in the woods or relocate anywhere to create an earthy appeal. A relaxing nature inspired theme in your home can constitute of various elements that will help.

Furniture is the most important. Invest in reclaimed woods and natural woods for your sofa, dining and side tables. Pieces with a weathered look also add a natural charm. To add to the theme, you can choose curios and other decorative pieces made from wrought iron, wicker, clay, and more.

A rustic and earthy home, is incomplete without plants. You can use indoor plants in small vases or buy a stunning terrarium too. They can be used in any part of your home.

When adding color to your home sticking to a palette of white can be the best option. More color can included in the space with painting one wall in green/natural tone or by getting furniture in colors that exude an earthy vibe. The plain and simple walls can be complemented with artwork that will further accentuate the minimalist look of your home and make it look warm too.

Thus, an earthy and minimalist home is a dream that you can definitely realize!