Be the light

Be the light

Lights are integrated accessories of any home. The home lighting system, from the conventional bulbs to the modern decorative lamps, has undergone tremendous changes. Decorative lights are a subtle but strong way to accent the décor of your interiors. A decorative light not only deliver the integral function of lighting but also adds immense value towards styling a space. Lighting manufactures have stretched themselves all the way to fuse art and technology to deliver state of art lights in every true sense of the phrase.

Light fixtures have a very important role in helping to build the character of the place. Depending on the flavor of your décor the lights could have a contemporary, fusion, or even an old world charm to it. One approach would be to select light fittings of the same style to further strengthen the language of the interior or another approach could be to create a fusion of styles using your lighting fixtures.

For example add in an accent of fusion to a contemporary styled space by adding in a light which speaks of a classical vocabulary to bring in some detail to a minimally styled interior. On the other hand you can use minimally styled light fixtures in a décor which is rendered with natural materials like concrete or stone.

Apart from adding in a sense of aesthetics through their styling light fixtures can also add effect to enhance the spatial volume of a space and bring in a desired scale to the place. To build on a sense of height use suspended lights from the ceiling coming low to a point of human height, clusters of light fixtures can exaggerate this effect or use a single light fixture which works its way from the ceiling towards the floor it could be a contemporary glass tube or a chandelier or even a fixture styled in metal.

A few hand designed brands have brought in sculptural value to the lights in mediums like metal thus almost assists the need of an art in the space as the fixture in itself makes a powerful statement overwhelming the user by its presence. Ceiling installations in the form of clusters of light fixtures builds in a sense of largeness by virtue of their scale. When using lighting fixtures to build on the spatial volume use any one design principal in isolation to make it look emphatic. Some areas which you are most likely to play around with light fixtures are the corner tables next to a sofa, a suspended fixture over your coffee table or dining table, the console, bed side tables.

In a space with low ceiling heights it would be ideal to use table lamps, wall fixtures or light fixtures which hug the ceiling.

Lights are available in variety of mediums from, glass to acrylic to metal in a wide range of finishes like brushed nickel, stainless steel and copper finish. If you are set off to hunt for lights for your home a few stores which you would love exploring would be Vis a Vis, Firefly and Belleza.