Bathroom designs are about taking the basic act of cleansing to a level of sinful indulgence. They must make a statement and at the least be an extension of the rest of the interior décor of your residence.

The design begins with the right sense of planning, basic space allocation to distinct dry and wet areas. For the master bathrooms plan for a separate shower cubicle and Jacuzzi area. Designing the floor plan to accommodate a long washbasin counters always gives the space a sense of luxury and largeness. This also allows you to have a separate washbasins for both the users and even personalize with accessories .

Another important aspect is to have enough storage for all your utilities, plan for it so that the storage is tucked away and the bathroom looks minimal. If the bathroom has an access through the walk in a closet you could design for some additional storage at the side as you step in . Depending on the location of the bathroom , break it open on to the bedroom or , courtyard in case of a bungalow.

Connecting the bedroom visually through a glass opening to a bedroom needs a careful sense of aesthetics as the bathroom also becomes an aesthetical extension of the bedroom in such a design idea . Design the Jacuzzi with a sufficiently wide platform at least around any one side , it not only looks luxurious but also makes it easy to place your toilet accessories and may be some drinks while you indulge in a luxury bath. Design for piped music and flushed TV screens to spice it up.

Although there are a range of ready shower cubicles available , we prefer having them customized in toughen glass , these look very minimal and blend in with the décor easily . They also give you the liberty of choosing and mixing shower fixtures from some of the most coveted brands. A wall of body showers or tiles and a mix of body jets is a must in a shower cubicle .If you choose to have steam added in, design for a bench and make sure the ceiling is made steam proof , acrylic or glass works the best. Pamper yourself with fixtures equipped with thermostatic controllers to set up your water temperature to suit you.

If you are a techie you have a range of fixtures including the water closet which work on feather touch controllers and can save customized preferences of water pressure and temperature.

The material palette to do up bathrooms is large from tiles, stone, back painted glass mirror to even solid acrylic surfaces which can make your walls look monolithic. A suggestion would be to use large format materials unless you want to bring in a sense of detailing by breaking down the module. To add a sense of style you can even wall paper the dry areas. Avoid using a combination of too different materials keep the design as minimal as possible.

Lastly style it up with the right accessories, candles, aroma fragrances, well arranged face towel holders ,make it as enticing and plush to indulge in over your weekends.

Getting some technicals right – Use German instant geysers and not boilers . Employ Composite, Copper or CPVC Piping Save water by using a dual flush . Keep all your services like pressure pumps, geysers well out of sight but easily accessible. In case of pressure pump use one with silent motors.