Project name
Schbang PVT LTd

Office Interiors

Lower Parel ,Mumbai


Concept Note
Schbang is a creative add agency . The office design was to bench mark the fundamental principle of creative ideation without being cliché and over the top . A vibrant , young appeal was carried forward thought the whole office design project. The flooring was made of a muted exposed concrete finish while the ceiling was kept bare to allow the space to enjoy volumetric scale . Key walls were marked out for art from budding artist as a way to express the principal of ideation. The reception art mural has been made up off recycled discs . The office branding has been kept minimal but bold. Built in seating along the periphery has been designed for a casual lounging and think tank zones . The lighting was designed to carefully create task lighting which would flood only the work stations . Warmer mood lighting has been added into areas to create ambient lighting for easing out the mood and creating calmer environment. The break out areas and cafeteria have been kept casual and fun loving .




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