About Ashleys

The Ashleys is a boutique firm set up by Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley, brilliant young professional interior designers in Mumbai. This architecture and interior design firm was established in 2008, and has been on a soaring trajectory ever since.

Co-founders Arbaysis and Pooja have received several prestigious prizes such as the IIID National Award, the Trends Award, the Archi Design Award, the Design Matrix Award, and the Better Interior Award. They have also been featured in multiple industry publications for their trail-blazing projects.

Trained in Milan and India, the Ashleys bring an international finesse and professionalism to their work. Their keen sense of detailing and strong design statements create a sense of exclusivity and surprise with every project.

As interior designers in Mumbai, The Ashleys have designed clubhouses, show flats, premium residences, luxury bungalows, retail spaces, and corporate offices. With their powerful talent in interior designing and architecture, The Ashleys have a star-studded clientele that includes multi-national corporates, celebrity clients, leading developers, and premium industrialists and business tycoons.

What Do We Offer

The Ashleys have a robust team of industry experts, led by two of the top interior designers in Mumbai. They provide end-to-end services in both design and execution, assisting the client through the lifecycle of the project.

As professional interior designers, Pooja and Arbaysis ensure that any project gets personalized designs, timely deliverables, and international quality standards. Backed by a strong fleet of the finest artisans, they are equipped to deliver elite customization, and high standards of quality work on pan-India operations. In addition, they provide competent post-project service and support.

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Our Approach

As interior designing professionals, The Ashleys believe in working in confluence with the space to maximise its strengths and retain its honesty. With an innate ability to view a project through the the eyes of the client, they are adept at taking a brief and transforming it into reality with strong visualization skills.

The Ashleys’ signature style is minimalist sophistication, using statement accents to add dramatic flair and a strong individuality to each project. Although their preference is for a contemporary design vocabulary, their unerring taste brings a timeless chic to their work.

Our Team

At The Ashleys, a well-structured team ensures that efficiency and excellence go hand in hand. The expertly trained team consists of experienced architects, professional interior designers, 3D visualizers, and project coordinators. This robust team of top interior designers in Mumbai can take on the entire spectrum of a project, right from development, to schematic designs, to complete implementation of the brief, along with complete client service.


With a plethora of awards and industry accolades to their name, founders Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley are the perfect blend of talent and professionalism. Their carefully chosen team of skilled architects and interior designers ensures that you always get the best.

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Better Interior Awards

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