Project name
Meridian Sky Clubhouse

Project developer

Project Capacity
Club house interior designers

3000 sq feet


Concept Note
This sprawling 3000 sq foot clubhouse is located on the top floor of a premium residential complex in Hyderabad. As club house interior designers for this project, we divided the space into a variety of spaces: a café, discotheque, observatory, library, premium lounge, and a smokers’ lounge. While a common thread of design flows through all the spaces, each is given its own identity through fine detailing and thoughtful design and handpicked furniture.

The discotheque has a chic vibe with leather and suede finished furniture and a ceiling comprising of hexagonal grids. Plush sofas in the library, combined with spot lighting create a haven for a few quiet hours of reading or study. The café has prominent branding, and the pockets of seating encourage visitors to relax with friends here. The lounge is kept minimal, with comfortable seating, and a balcony enclosed with clear glass to enhance the feeling of endless skies.

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