Minimal Interiors


Apartment interior design

A four room apartment

Napeansea Road , South Mumbai

Concept Note
From the moment one steps in, The interior design of this apartment lends a sense of Calmness through Minimal Styling with use of Neutral Color palette; giving a feeling of vastness and Mysticisms through Crisp Detailing. From the moment one steps in, Our design lends a sense of calmness through minimal styling with the use of Neutral Color palette; giving a feeling of vastness and overwhelming simplicity through crisp detailing. Simplicity in customized detailing , styling and thought defines this project. The whole apartment floor is spread in a single marble palette. Though the marble lends a dynamic character it holds together the rest of the canvass seamlessly .

Key Design Details
The folded tables and customized suspended brass light are strong design elements of the Living room .The wall in the dining area is made of a series plated metal finish squares layered at different levels , A wire sculpted horse adorns the dining wall . The master bedroom wall . Simplistic juxtaposition of triangular planes which sets up an art form to hold bed against it. A ladder lying loose against the wall forms an interesting element of design for a magazine holder .One of the bed rooms has a bright red chesterfield detail bed adds in a sense of fusion and is set against a customized geometric printed wall paper.

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