Architecture and Interior Design by The Ashleys

Architectural design projects are amongst The Ashleys’ favourite projects. They enjoy crafting solutions that enhance community living and urban experiences. They believe that good architectural design creates pockets for social interaction, fosters green technology, and optimizes space through distinctive design solutions. The Ashleys have worked on architectural design projects involving weekend homes, private villas, and more. They firmly believe that it is important to indulge in the luxury of open spaces, allowing spaces to grow around courtyards, and weaving a spell through the architectural vocabulary itself. The harmony between oneself and nature, even in closed spaces, is key to their design ideology.

While designing weekend homes, Pooja and Arbaysis feel the space itself should echo the essence of the words “weekend getaway.” The design principles themselves should enhance calmness, allow for retrospection, letting one dissolve into a safe haven. With thoughtful design, a space can help one to relax and rest without even realizing it. The nature of the space, the materials, and the detailing function together like a living organism, working wonders silently.

With their extensive experience of partnering with builders, The Ashleys view a project through the builder’s perspective, adding value through optimum light and ventilation, exquisite green features, and climate control and orientation, thus increasing the marketability of the property. When a well-designed space is combined with a prominent landmark façade, the aspirational value of the property is substantially enhanced.

At The Ashleys, the priority is end-to-end excellence, from creating a strong architectural design concept, to choosing material and executing projects. Pooja and Arbaysis bring in a professional work ethic, due regard to timelines, and a deep understanding of global trends. Known as luxury home interior designers, they are adept at merging architecture and interior design, ensuring every project they undertake exudes sophistication and timeless elegance.

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