Project name
Sea view sky lounge

Project developer

Project capacity
Club house interior designers

4000 sq feet


Concept Note
As club house interior designers on this project, we wanted to focus the eye on the stunning sea views and horizon. We chose to create a feeling of an exclusive, invitation-only space where ease and luxury blend together. A seamless glass railing encircles the space, allowing for spectacular views at any time of the day, from all sides.

The pools are placed just in front of the glass railing, extending the serenity of the blue ocean views and creating a sense of an infinity pool. The calming aqua element is drawn throughout the space, with a water cascade on the wall flowing into a shallow plunge pool. A white and grey palette with pops of blue lends a Mediterranean vibe to the space. Potted tropical plants and outdoor furniture chosen from a select few Italian brands add to the vibe at this elite sky lounge.

For the enclosed section, we used an eclectic design vocabulary. Sheer metallic chain curtains create a luxe refuge, while the larger-than-life statement furniture and art pieces add flair to the room. Both indoors and outdoors, the space is broken into various seating arrangements, encouraging the party to flow through both.

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