Project name

Store designing for a premium dates and chocolates company

3500 sq feet


Concept Note
This split-level store is a perfect example of how ultra luxury designers can set the tone for the product being showcased. We decided, as retail interior designers on this project, to use a contemporary minimal style. The façade is made of a single stone finish, with glass windows framed in an oxidized metal finish to highlight the product display and tempt customers to enter.

The split-level store is divided into two, with the ground floor catering to walk-ins and the upper floor designed for corporate/premium clients. As store designers in Mumbai, it was a priority to invite customers to browse and sample the products. A staggered centre island draws the eye, and is perfectly placed to showcase the best products. Wall shelving and a running refrigerated counter provide ample space for a display of gift boxes, trays, and various sizes of packaging.

The upper floor is made to look like a plush lounge, with comfortable pockets of seating to cater to different groups of customers. Textural touches, such as a wooden floor, plush area rugs, diffused lighting, and prints of delectable chocolates and dates add warmth to the room.

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