Project name

Ultra luxury design for silverware and signature jewelry showroom

800-1000 sq feet

Mumbai, Hyderabad

Concept Note
We’re particularly proud of the Shaze store as it won us many accolades, including the prestigious Design Matrix National Award for Best Retail Design Pan India. The design was backed by a technical study we did, which revealed that white was the optimal colour to showcase the gleam of the silver products. The design concept flowed from this: an understated colour theme of white displays contrasted by grey wrapped walls, with crisp branding and dramatic lighting to highlight the fine designs. The product display is an assimilation of wall-to-wall cubical niches to allow for segregation of products by categories and lead the buyer to unconsciously focus on each product.

The brief was to create a boutique of international standards, which would hypnotize the premium customer, whether from India or abroad. To deepen the impression of sinking in space, we adhered to a minimalist look with a clean floor plan. An element of opulence was introduced through fine white leather sofas, a glittering chandelier, and premium placement for branding.

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