Architectural design for a mall

200,000 sq feet

Concept Note
This architectural design project served us an interesting challenge. The developer wanted to convert a massive dilapidated building in Navi Mumbai into a premium mall. His aim was to maximize profit by creating retail opportunities and turning the mall into a social destination for the residents of the area.

To turn this into a landmark destination, we used the entire façade as a live lighting installation, offering light shows every night to draw crowds. The substantial area around the mall was converted into an open air promenade, with restaurants, cafes, walkways and outdoor seating.

Inside the mall, we created a luxurious space with marble flooring, soft diffused lighting and ample window display space to encourage high-end fashion brands to enter. An atrium was converted into a stage for live performances from local talent, offering a reason to linger inside. A step layout for each floor offers views of the stores and creates an interesting dynamic in the space.

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