Project name

Mall design


200,000 sq feet

Concept Note
This large structure was taken over by a Mumbai developer, with the ambitious plan to convert it into a premium retail mall. The existing structure spread out over 200,000 square feet, with ample outdoor areas too. The brief was to position the mall as an entertainment destination, to add aspirational and commercial value to the property.

As commercial interior designers in Mumbai, this was an exciting project for us. We created a design that provided a one of its kind experience for visitors. The front façade of the mall was envisaged as a live light installation, with spectacular lighting shows on offer every evening. The interiors of the mall would be redone to attract luxury and high fashion brands, making this mall THE place to be. The atrium could be converted into a stage for live performances, thus providing a platform for local talent. For the outdoor areas, we created a buzzing promenade design, where open-air restaurants, cafes, walkways and outdoor seating would form a natural focal point for the crowds.

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