Architectural design for a boutique resort


20 rooms, 2 acre development

Concept Note
The architectural designs for this boutique resort in Lonavala were designed around the spectacular hilltop location and gorgeous mountain and lake views. We fell in love with the property’s dense greenery and steep slopes, and decided to integrate these into the designs. The accommodation units and landscaping were woven into the property, so as to blend in with nature.

Twenty rooms were designed for this resort, maximising the slopes by setting them below each other in rows to ensure each gets a view. The units were perched on wooden stilts to avoid cutting into the land. The pool was located at the edge of the slope to look out over the treetops.

Each room is designed like a wood cabin to feel like a holiday in nature. We used large glass windows in each to let the views in, and kept the décor earthy and simple. Whitewashed walls set off clean wood and concrete finishes, with separate lounging areas inviting one to spend time enjoying the views.

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