Architectural design for a gated community


40 acres

Concept Note
The architectural design for this Igatpuri gated community involved creating a masterplan, architectural development, and interior design. We planned clusters of varied residential units of apartments, bungalows, twin houses and row houses, to allow for flexibility for buyers. Although each architectural form has its own distinct identity, there is a fine underlying design nuance that holds the project together.

Keeping in mind the idea of a second home or a weekend home, we designed the layout to allow plenty of open space, integrated landscapes, and walkways. We wanted to bring the outdoors in, making it easy for residents to feel closer to nature.

Large sloping roof designs with skylights allowed even those on the upper floors to get views of the landscaping outside. Playing with form and structure in the architectural designs, we used open staircases and glass to let spaces blend into each other. We used greenery in the form of screens, hedges, and dividers to create a sense of space and privacy, while keeping it fresh and natural.

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