Project name
Global Pvt Ltd

Luxury office interiors


3000 sq feet

Concept Note
In accordance with the reputed brand name, the corporate office for Global Pvt Ltd is elegant but restrained. It tells the story of the brand’s success, yet reflects the discreet nature of the finance business.

As commercial interior designers for this project, we blended minimal styling with luxurious detailing to create a soothing atmosphere. Earthy colours, indirect lighting and a sense of space make the office easier to work in, while standout décor features add interest.

As the footfall in this office is high, the reception area was the focus of this commercial interior designer project. A spacious area, marked out with unusual seating and furniture sets it apart. The reception table is designed to look like a block of solid marble with a floating console cutting through it. The wall behind the reception is back-lit and wood panelled to lend sophistication and warmth. To add continuity, the same theme runs through the executive cabins, the lounge, the conference rooms and the work areas.


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