Café interior designers

2000 sq feet

Concept Note
As café interior designers for this project, we enjoyed planning with a youthful, trendy design vocabulary. The most impactful statement for the café was upfront, just behind the serving area. We designed a grid of square voids and solid mass, using a striking red colour scheme to set off the muted colour canvas of the rest of the café.

For hospitality designers, encouraging customers to relax and spend time in the space is important. The seating is divided into high bar tables, sofa seating, and regular dining tables, to give flexibility to customers depending on their mood. We selected functional elements with unusual designs to form points of interest. An entire wall is used as a display for an intricate abstract art design, contrasting the straight lines of the furniture. A cluster of lights on the ceiling blends function and design, becoming an art installation on its own and spotlighting the different seating pockets.

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